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Oak bowl with natural edge

Oak bowl with natural edge

88,00 €Price

A very nice small bowl made of oak ideal nuts or sweets

This is beautifully grained bowl which is quite deep compared to its width. It has a high gloss finish which is food safe so would be great with, say, nuts when guests arrive. It is a very tactile piece and can be looked at endlessly and see more in it.


    This bowl box should be waxed with olive oil once a year to keep its appearance.

    It should not be immersed in water, it is cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

    Please note that all wooden items are made from wood that will absorb moisture or shed it depending on the humidity of the surroundings. This may result in changes of shape or cracking depending on the rate of humidity change.


    Should you not be happy with the product due to it not being as specified or shown in the photograph, or even damaged in transit, please return it to the business address and a full refund will be made.


    Postage and packaging charges are added to the price and so the total cost will depend on the delivery address. Normally standard shipping is used but if a courier is required for additional speed, please let us know.

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