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Our Story & Philosophy

Woodworking at The Sanctuary started many years but only extended to wood turning in the last year or so. Though we see ourselves as wood turners using a lathe, sometimes we feel that we are wood shaving manufacturers due to the amount of wood that we shave off rather than keep.

The workshop, called The Sanctuary is located in the foothills of a mountain range on Costa Blanca and it is from that region that we source our timber. The main woods locally are Oak (Holm Oak) and Olive though we sometimes obtain Yew, Orange and lots of others. The trees are normally cut in the Spring and dried during the long, hot Summers. This drying process can cause problems of cracking if the wood dries too quickly; regretfully this is a common occurrence. Sometimes we can collect pine, either fresh or reclaimed from old buildings - this can be excellent or not and we have no way of knowing until the end.

We like to personalize our work where we can and do so by engraving; this is great for making something really special. It can make a nice gift amazing, unique and priceless. Engraving is particularly good on plates, plaques, coasters, maps, photos and pictures.

Let us know what you want and we will see if we can create it for you.

Welcome to The Sanctuary

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