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Beautiful spalted wooden goblet

Beautiful spalted wooden goblet

90,00 €Price

This is a beautiful goblet 17 cms tall in a light but heavily spalted olive wood.

This is a "one off" piece which can never be duplicated. It has some minor cracking due to expansion and contraction over a period but these have been treated.

Spalting is the result of fungus that attacks trees during their growth. Though this might appear to be a disadvantage, spalting is greatly sought after and highly prized for its beauty. It is unpredictable and each piece is unique.


    Some goblets are functional with a lacquer inside to make them both water and alcohol proof. This goblet is ornamental rather than functional.

    It should not be immersed in water, it is cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

    Please note that all wooden items are made from wood that will absorb moisture or shed it depending on the humidity of the surroundings. This may result in changes of shape or cracking depending on the rate of humidity change.


    Should you not be happy with the product due to it not being as specified or shown in the photograph, or even damaged in transit, please return it to the business address and a full refund will be made.


    Postage and packaging charges are added to the price and so the total cost will depend on the delivery address. Normally standard shipping is used but if a courier is required for additional speed, please let us know.

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